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      時間:2011-10-28 19:34來源:藍天飛行翻譯 作者:admin
      曝光臺 注意防騙 網曝天貓店富美金盛家居專營店坑蒙拐騙欺詐消費者

      ° Degrees
      ΔF Increment of equivalent flat plate drag area
      %Q Percent torque
      A Advisory
      AC Alternating current
      A/C Aircraft
      ACK Acknowledge
      ACP Armament control panel
      ACTVT Activate
      ACV Alternating current voltage
      ADSS ANVIS display symbology system
      ADU Audio distribution unit
      ADV Advisory(ies)
      AEU Armament electronics unit
      AGL Above ground level
      AI Airborne interceptor
      AJ Antijamming
      ALE Automatic leveling equalization
      ALFGL Automatic low frequency gain limiting
      ALGN Align
      ALT Altitude, altimeter, alternate
      AM Amplitude modulation
      AMP Amplifier
      AMPS Aviation mission planning station
      ANLG Analog
      ANTI COLL LT Anticollision light
      ANVIS Aviators night vision imaging system
      ARMT Armament
      ARTY Artillery
      AS Antispoofing
      ASE Aircraft survivability equipment
      ATAS Air-to-air stinger
      ATH Airborne target handover
      ATHS Airborne target handover system
      TM 1-1520-248-10
      ATT Attitude
      AUD VIS Audio visual
      AUTH, AUTHENT Authentication
      AUTO Automatic, autonomous
      AUX Auxiliary
      AVTR Airborne video tape recorder
      BATT Battery
      BF Bit failure
      BFLD Battlefield
      B HOT Black hot
      BIT Built-in test
      BKUP Back up
      BL Buttock line
      BLK Block
      BLWR Blower
      BNR Burner
      BRIL Brilliance
      BRK Break
      BRST Boresight
      BRT Bright
      BYP Bypass
      C Celsius, caution, cue
      CABS Cockpit air bag system
      CAL Calibrate, caliber
      CAS Calibrated airspeed
      CB Circuit breaker
      CBID Combat identifier
      CDS Control and display subsystem
      CEOI Communications electronics operating instructions
      CFT Captive flight trainer
      CG Center of gravity
      CH Channel
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      直升機翻譯 www.aviation.cn

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