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      Preventing Dynamic Rollover

      Before describing how to prevent dynamic rollover, the author , a U.S. Naval aviator, explains how a helicopter can be maneuvered into attitudes that can induce rollover.
      Maj. Joseph H. Schmid

      Before a pilot can understand what dynamic rollover is, it is or an object on the ground such as an external load. It helpful to know what it is not. There exists for every object a may be a tiedown chain that restrains the helicopter, static rollover angle. This is the angle to which you must tilt even though the skids or wheels are off the ground. In an object to bring the center of gravity directly over the roll a recent mishap, dynamic rollover was suggested, point. If the object is tilted beyond this angle, it will fall over. even though the witnesses stated that the wheel was It is this angle that the drunk defies. either on the ground or close to it. If the wheel was
      not on the ground, it could not have been dynamic For most fleet helicopters, the static rollover angle is between rollover. 30 and 35 degrees. Every helicopter also has a critical rollover angle. This is the maximum hillside angle on which . The helicopter must pivot about the ground contact you can land the helicopter and still be able to have the rotor point instead of the center of gravity. There are many system horizontal. common flight regimes in which the helicopter will
      pivot about the ground contact point. During vertical Another way of thinking about the critical rollover angle is takeoffs from hillsides, the helicopter pivots about the that it is the maximum blade flapping angle. For most fleet uphill skid or wheel until the gear is level. Operators helicopters, the critical rollover angle is approximately 13-17 of skid-equipped helicopters often shake the rudder degrees. The important concept is that you can be committed pedals before takeoff in arctic conditions to prevent to dynamic rollover at a roll angle much less than the static or the possibility of pivoting about one skid frozen to the critical rollover angles. deck.
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